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The Wedding That Started A Business

When two of my good friends, Chris Higgins and Amanda Burgess tied the knot August 18, 2018 they asked me if I could bring my truck and the beer setup. Over the years leading up to this my beer setup had morphed a lot from starting out serving beers out of a canoe to having a cooler in the bed of my truck holding 6 or more kegs and ice. We worked out a menu including 3 Maine craft beers and 3 custom seltzers on tap for their special day. Their wedding was on Amanda's grandmothers land in beautiful Owls Head Maine. Everything went very smoothly and the beverages were a huge success!

Custom Menu for Chris and Amanda

Beverage station at Chris and Amanda's Wedding

Chris and Amanda hired a wedding planner Alanna Claire to make sure their special day went off without a hitch. While we spent the afternoon setting up the beverage station and as well as some of the final touches for the wedding reception I had the chance to talk about my beer setup with Alanna. I have served a lot of beer over the years but I had never until talking with Alanna thought it was anything special. She encouraged me to work toward turning this hobby into a real business and offer my services to more than just friends.

Alanna assured me that serving beverages is a major hangup for a lot of people for their weddings. To pay a catering service to serve drinks can cost and arm and a leg before the toast even starts. So in the spring of 2019 I spend a day on the phone hashing things out with the state to see if they would allow me to operate my business in the state of Maine without breaking liquor laws and such. As it turns out the man from the state liquor inspectors is great to talk to and he and I came to agreement, Maine On Tap LLC was born shortly there after.

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