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My First Paid Wedding

May 13, 2017, was the date of my first paid gig if you could call it that. I didn't actually know I was getting paid, but I got a check for it so I am going to count it. My friend Levi reached out to me asking if I still had my beer equipment that we had used for his wedding. His mother in law worked for a local catering company and they had a client that wanted to have 3 kegs on tap from a local brewery. I don't remember the specifics on this but I do recall picking up the kegs from Flight Deck Brewing, at this point I am not even sure if the brewery was open to the public yet. I think that the bride and groom might have had a connection with the brewery, but I thought it was awesome to be serving a beer from a brand new local place. Levi and I set up the same rowboat we had used for his wedding a few years previous, although we did make some adjustments to try and make it look a bit prettier for this event.

We may have sampled one or two just to make sure there was the correct pressures and such, and we were off. I don't even think I had a chance to take any pictures of the beer setup for that wedding. It wasn't until a few weeks later I got a message asking for my info so they could cut me a check for the beer setup. All in all I was having a lot of fun getting to celebrate with everyone and help out my friends serve delicious beverages.

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