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How it all began!!!

My name is Jeff Graham I am the owner of Maine On Tap LLC, it all started with my love for beer and a bunch of amazing friends that wanted to get together for a party. It was September 6, 2013 we were on Ellis pond in Roxbury Maine, My friends and I decided it was a great idea to throw a party for a whole bunch of people at a scenic camp in the middle of nowhere. Personally I hated the idea of having hand pumps on top of the kegs as they seem to always produce a foamy pour and since you are adding air to the keg you are forcing it to go flat faster. We planned to party for 3 days and no way we wanted flat beer, so I worked with my friends and we came up with a canoe full of kegs and roughly 600 lbs of ice. I rigged up a Co2 manifold systems and we strapped a board with beer spigots on it to a tree next to the canoe.

At the time we were just a couple of thirsty 20-somethings and non of us thought we were onto anything amazing at the time. Over the years since we have had 5 more parties in Roxbury, each year we try to make it more and more special. Now we have a cooler big enough to chill 6 kegs with 1200 lbs of ice for a week or more, no more losing half of the ice on the ride from Portland. We added music, and LED lights so we can see what we are doing as well as chalk board paint so we know what beer we are pouring. We added a drip tray to keep the mess down, then made one out of copper so it looked cool. All of the sudden people from the party and beyond who heard about or saw our setups were approaching us to see if we could help with their parties or weddings.

We killed the first keg during setup that year!

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