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Providing self service draught systems for weddings and events.

We offer custom draught systems for beer, wine, and Prosecco.  We will do all of the work for you so that when you show up to the wedding or event the taps are ready to pour your favorite beverage.

Beer, cider, and seltzer!  Ice cold and


We provide serving options for you to have self serve beverage stations at your next event.  Whether you are having 1 keg or 10 kegs we have you covered with Co2 and Nitrogen keg systems.


We work with local beer suppliers to bring you great beer, wine and Prosecco.  We help you chose the beverages that best suit your needs and then we will send an invoice from the beverage supplier directly.  We do not make any money on the beverages, this keeps the costs down for you and us both.  We only charge for the setup, rental and Cleanup


We have a few options available for serving your drinks, but that doesn't mean that we can't do custom setup for your event to fit into the theme you have.  We have served beer in pretty much every way imaginable.  We have a truck setup that offers a rustic theme with a tap system on the back offering up to 6 beverages on tap at a time.  We also have used boubron barrels that house up to 3 micro brews per barrel, and one table top unit for indoor event.

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Our Story

It all started with an epic party and a canoe full of kegs...
We like to have a good time, but dislike wasting delicious local beer to poorly pumped kegs, messy pour service, and worrying about tapping the next keg.  
We’re here to make sure you don’t have to worry about anything.  you don't want to have your guests pumping up a keg sitting in a bucket of ice, we use Co2 and nitrogen to make sure every beer pours smoothly and no one has to pump up a keg just so they can pour a bunch of foam into a cup.



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